Your phone is a mini-computer. Give it the protection it deserves.

“We have the most sophisticated database on the market, which includes one billion links and one million applications.”

— 2011 Mobile
Security Report

Use Your Phone Without Worry

When you consider everything you store on your phone, it’s clear that protecting your smartphone has never been more important. Simply stated, without mobile security, your personal and financial data is at risk. This data includes your contacts, financial information, text messages, call logs, location-based data, photos, and more. Why take chances with your most valuable assets?

“NQ Mobile detected more than 96% of the samples used in the testing process — over 55% more than any other solution.”

— West Coast Labs
independent testing, 2011

The Power of Protection

NQ Mobile’s mobile security products give you the power to use your mobile devices as mini-computers, protecting you from:

  • malware
  • viruses
  • spyware
  • eavesdroppers
  • hackers
  • privacy threats

Our biggest strength and competitive advantage is our award-winning cloud-based technology, which detects and resolves 75% of all mobile malware. It alerts users to potential threats – and resolves them — before they have a chance to spread.

Features & Benefits

Award-winning technology gives you complete mobile protection.

“Our goal is to provide the best mobile security to everyone in the world.”

— Dr. Henry Lin,
CEO of NQ Mobile

Protect what’s Important to You

Cyber criminals are increasingly using mobile devices to spread malicious code and steal personal and financial data. As mobile threats increase, security is a necessity. NQ Mobile’s free and premium offerings give you the protection your mobile device needs.

Privacy and Security Features

  • Fights malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, and more.
  • Protects your personal and financial data with anti-hacking and anti-eavesdropping features.
  • Remotely locates, locks, or deletes information from a lost or stolen phone.
  • Safely and seamlessly stores your contacts so you can remotely access them.
  • Provides control over running apps and power consumption.
  • Provides real-time updates on data usage and caps on maximum data usage.
  • Anti-Spam: Set up your blacklist to block unwanted calls and texts.
  • Intruder Alert (Premium): If someone tries to unlock your phone with an incorrect password, your phone will take a photo and send it to your NQ account email.

Upgrade to Premium

Free is great. Premium is even better.

Free Mobile Security Features

NQ Mobile Security blocks viruses, hacking, phishing, spyware, and other malware. Our free application offers the following benefits:

  • We scan your apps for malware and other mobile threats, and protect your private data, such as contacts, location, and financial information, from apps that might try to access it without permission.
  • We keep you updated on your plan’s data usage limits, while keeping your phone running at top speed.
  • Our advanced backup and restore features let you remotely retrieve your contacts when you need them.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, we’ll remotely locate it from an impressive distance.

download for free

download for free

Premium Membership Benefits

So, with all of this value, why upgrade? NQ Mobile’s Premium Protection for Pro Members has all the same great features and an even stronger level of security:

  • Extended features sound an alarm, locate your phone, and allow you to lock the phone and wipe your personal data, remotely.
  • Anti-eavesdropping protection alerts you if any form of spyware is planted in your phone.
  • Privacy protection safeguards your online banking information and all of your mobile financial transactions.

As a Premium member, your phone is continuously updated in real time to ensure total protection from all the latest security threats.

buy the vip version

buy the vip version